Customer engagement & digital process automation

Customers expect their interaction with your brand to be personalized and relevant to their needs. They want a consistent experience across all channels, and for all messages and communication to demonstrate a keen awareness of context. Ultimately, every customer wants to be treated as if they were your most important customer.

we deliver on the promise of personalized experiences, providing consistent messaging and relevant offers to increase value through every aspect of a customer's journey.

As organizations chase digital transformation, many realize that their efforts must go beyond skin deep. They must transform processes-the ways in which customers are served, promises are fulfilled, and operations run.

Rapid Delivery and enterprise scalability

Digital transformation needs to move quickly while scaling across the full scope of your enterprise. That’s why Pega combines a journey-centric approach with rapid delivery principles – and revolutionary technology that lets business and IT designs applications without writing code

Zero Code App Dev

In a fast-paced world, you can’t afford to wait on slow application ramp-up times. Stay ahead of the curve and enhance productivity by giving both business and IT what they need when and where they need it. With the Pega Platform, one role-based authoring environment offers no-code or low-code authoring, advanced developer tools, system administration, and AI modeling. 

Cloud Services

Cloud Computing is a necessity for agile organizations that seek to enable applications to scale with consistent performance and meet a rapidly evolving security landscape. For enterprises, migrating customer engagement and digital process automation applications to the cloud requires an architecture built for the task.

Pega Cloud Services is a fully managed cloud that provides the tools, environments and operational support built for the enterprise. Clients can deploy their cloud globally on secured infrastructure designed to meet rigorous security and compliance requirements.

Real time decisions and AI

Pega connects to streaming data, tracks meaningful patterns, finds insights, and delivers the best prescriptive actions in less than one second.Powered by real-time data, AI can serve up unique, relevant offers automatically, or guide customer-service reps (CSRs) to make the right offer at the right time. In highly regulated industries, AI can also be an invaluable transparency tool to demonstrate why you are presenting particular offers to specific customers and prove that no unconscious bias is at work.

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